7 Tasty Things You Can Do With Avocados

Avocados have a special place in the hearts of many raw food enthusiasts, and for good reason! This highly versatile and savory fruit can be enjoyed in numerous different ways and provides a good source of high quality fat and protein to a vegetable based diet.

Furthermore, grabbing a tasty avocado while on the road has been one of the main ways that many vegans maintain their diets when traveling. Listed below are another seven of the many useful ways in which this delicious green fruit can be employed.

  • Use #1: Add to salads for a satisfying source of fat

  • Use #2: Create yummy chocolate or carob pudding desserts

  • Use #3: Blend with herbs and oils to make delicious salad dressings

  • Use #4: Cut in half and fill with nut pastes to enjoy as an appetizer

  • Use #5: Chop and mix with tomatoes, onions, and cilantro to make guacamole

  • Use #6: Make a "green creme" as a vegan substitute for mayonnaise

  • Use #7: Slice and serve on sandwiches and crackers

Of course that is just a sampling of the numerous creative ways that the raw vegan chefs of this world have come up with to enjoy this highly versatile and nutritious fruit.

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