About Raw From the Garden

Raw From the Garden sprouted online from the vision behind one of the world's pioneering raw vegan restaurants - Back to the Garden Living Food Cafe. Situated in Middletown, California, this ground-breaking restaurant served an entirely raw vegan menu to its many delighted clients.


Not only did our restaurant actively promote kinder dietary ethics and sustainability, but it introduced a wide range of people to the health benefits and tasteful methods of preparing living food that has helped set the stage for the growing raw food movement now sweeping across the Internet and the world.  We also trained numerous living foods chefs that continue to pass on our recipes and philosophies as they prepare delicious raw vegan food for others.

Anyway, we are delighted to be able to provide you with a little taste of what our vision for a kinder and healthier diet would offer both for your palate and our planet. If you like what you see here, please check out and order our recipe book so that you can recreate in your own home the raw food magic that our restaurant formerly performed.

Please also check out our Services tab for the workshops, lectures and advisory services we provide regarding the raw vegan cuisine and diet.   We also offer a Blog that you can subscribe to to get recipes and updates as they occur, and we have an active Facebook page and recipes group that you can visit and join by Clicking Here

From the Press



“Raw From the Garden presents a visionary living cuisine for greater health and kindness on our planet.”


Emma Brown, Blogger - Oh My Goodness

“I never thought I would want to go raw, but Raw From the Garden's delicious recipes made my mouth water.”


The Food Reporter

“Raw From the Garden leads the culinary wave of the future toward a healther and more compassionate way of dining without sacrificing flavor or nutrition.”