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Buy Our Raw Vegan

Recipes Book!

Authored by Alice Dee, a well-known raw vegan chef, lecturer and pioneering living foods restaurateur, Raw from the Garden's Raw Vegan Recipes Book initially offers some background information on the raw vegan diet and detailed instructions on how to get started as a raw vegan and begin transforming your kitchen and life.


The main body of the book then contains a plethora of delightful recipes that people will find enlightening to discover the beautiful and nourishing raw vegan dishes you can create and savor in just minutes. 


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Paperback Book Mockup #  3 Higher Resolu

Buy Our Informative "Why Raw Vegan?" Book!

Chef Alice Dee's second book on raw veganism concisely covers the abundant benefits of enjoying a balanced and highly nutritious raw vegan diet. People from around the world and all walks of life have seen for themselves how returning to a natural diet of whole raw plant foods can transform their bodies and minds in a remarkably healthy manner. This informative book is aimed at anyone considering a raw vegan diet and offers useful background details on why this natural and healthy whole foods diet makes such sense for humans.

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Buy Our Mexican Vegan Cuisine Recipe Book!

Chef Alice Dee's second recipe book is based on her experience living in Mexico where she owned a vegan café. In it, she focuses on turning the Mexican cuisine vegan with a delightful and easy to follow array of delicious recipes ranging from vegan pozole to corn tortillas! Even classic desserts like Tres Leches and Mexican flan are covered! The book has a short section explaining why going vegan makes such sense, followed by how to set up and stock your kitchen with foods common in Mexican cuisine and suitable for vegans. 

The main body of the book then contains a comprehensive sets of delightful fully-vegan recipes that any Mexican will recognize as analogous to elements of their traditional cuisine.  

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More Recommended Books

Find more highly-recommended books by Alice Dee below that focus on veganism and the benefits of consuming a raw plant-based diet for optimal health and nutrition. 

Buy Our "Why Vegan? Reasons for Boycotting Animal Use" Book!

This informative book is the product of Chef Alice Dee's many years of personal experience living as an ethical vegan and animal rights activist. It provides a straightforward introduction to the key reasons for the vegan boycott of animal use and why it is so pressing  to go vegan today. The book also covers related topics like the associated vegan diet, lifestyle matters and animal rights activism for those who want to take their love and respect for animals to the next level. New or aspiring vegans should find this book invaluable in helping them articulate their reasons for going vegan to others. It also provides the information that vegans need to start off on the right foot with the kinder, healthier and more sustainable lifestyle and diet that veganism promotes.

Just click at the right of this box on the appropriate link to buy the paperback or Kindle version of Chef Alice Dee's "Why Vegan?: Reasons for Boycotting Animal Use" book from 


Discover How the Pliocene Diet Offers a Gateway to Ancestral Wellness!

Are you ready to embark on a transformative path to rediscover the timeless dietary wisdom of our ancestors and revitalize your approach to nutrition? Look no further! "The Pliocene Diet: A Guide to Healthy Ancestral Eating" by science-based nutrition expert Alice Dee is your roadmap to holistic well-being through the lens of the Pliocene epoch.


Uncover the Science of Nutrition: Dive deep into the scientific foundations of the Pliocene Diet, blending contemporary nutritional insights with the age-old dietary wisdom encoded in our DNA and physiology. 

Bridge Ancestral Wisdom with Modern Living: Explore the contrast between ancestral and modern diets, setting the stage for a paradigm shift in your approach to health and nutrition.

Pliocene Diet Principles and Food Choices: Gain clarity on the core dietary principles and discover a curated list of Pliocene-approved food choices that resonate with our evolutionary heritage. 

Practical Wisdom for Real-World Success: Learn the art of Pliocene Diet food preparation, ensuring that the transition to this nutritional lifestyle is not just healthful but also seamlessly practical.

Transition with Confidence: Get a comprehensive guide for those embarking on this life-altering journey, making the transition a smooth and empowering experience.

Delight Your Palate with Meal Plans and Tasty Recipes: This book also serves as your culinary companion, offering delectable meal plans and recipes crafted to satiate your taste buds and nourish your body.

With her wealth of nutritional knowledge and a passion for researching the ancestral diet that best suits our physiology, Alice Dee unfolds the Pliocene Diet with expertise and eloquence, making this book a must-read for anyone seeking a profound connection with their nutritional roots.

Reclaim Your Health, Embrace Ancestral Dietary Wisdom!

Start now on your path toward vibrant well-being! Order "The Pliocene Diet" by Alice Dee today and redefine your relationship with food, wellness, and the ancient wisdom imprinted in your genetic blueprint and body. It's time to nourish your entire being with the timeless principles of healthy ancestral eating! 

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The Peak Performance Diet: Optimal Nutrition for Athletes and Active People

Are you ready to take your athletic performance to the next level using the power of nutrition? Dive into "The Peak Performance Diet: Healthy Nutrition for Athletes and Other Active People" by Alice Dee, a groundbreaking guide to achieving optimal athletic prowess through diet. Renowned social media influencer and seasoned nutritionist Alice Dee uses her scientific background to explore the transformative benefits of embracing uncooked, nutrient-dense foods, debunking myths about excessive protein intake, and advocating for consuming food in its natural state as nature intended.

Delving into the advantages of a low-fat diet, retention of active enzymes, and the nutritional content of B and C vitamins, this book unveils a revolutionary dietary approach to boosting athletic performance. Backed by scientific expertise, detailed research, and real-world success stories, Alice Dee's comprehensive dietary guide offers athletes a roadmap to increased energy, stronger immunity, enhanced circulation, weight normalization, and superior athletic performance.

Offering deep and practical insights into the vital role of nutrition in athletic success, this book is a must-read for those seeking a holistic, science-based, and natural approach to fueling their bodies for peak performance. Order your copy now and start boosting your game today!

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The Nutritional Healer: Creating Wellness with Better Food Choices

Are you ready to take control of your well-being through the power of nutrition? Dive into "The Nutritional Healer" by Alice Dee, a detailed guide to unlocking your body's natural healing potential. In this enlightening book, you'll explore the transformative benefits of consuming a diet suitable for your physiology.

Alice also introduces you to the concept of nutritional healing, where the food you eat becomes your medicine, helping you prevent and heal diseases to optimize your health. Learn the art of mindful eating, harness the healing power of whole foods, and tailor your nutrition to address specific conditions.

Whether you're a newcomer to nutritional healing or a seasoned enthusiast, "The Nutritional Healer" offers practical science-based insights, practical advice, and meal plans to support your journey. Dive into a world of vibrant fruits, crisp vegetables, and nutrient-packed superfoods, all while nourishing your body and soul.

Reading this book will help you embark on a path to lifelong wellness, as you embrace mindful nutrition and experience the profound impact of making better food choices. "The Nutritional Healer" is your guide to a healthier, happier you. Order your copy today and start your transformative journey!

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The Food Forest Guide: How to Cultivate an Edible Landscape for Good Health and Harvests 

Dive into the beautiful world of food forests and unlock the secrets of cultivating your very own edible paradise. This comprehensive guide takes you on a journey through the bountiful world of food forests, where you'll discover the art of creating thriving ecosystems teeming with fruits, vegetables, herbs, and more.

Alice Dee's expertly crafted book delves into the principles of permaculture, companion planting, and polyculture, providing you with the knowledge and tools to transform your garden into a self-sustaining, organic haven. Learn the secrets of plant guilds and how to harness the power of nitrogen-fixing plants. Explore the art of mulching, composting, and efficient drip irrigation to nurture your crops while conserving water.

With step-by-step guidance on selecting the right plants, designing your layout, and managing soil health, "The Food Forest Guide" empowers you to create a lush and resilient garden that yields fresh, nutrient-packed produce year-round.

This book isn't just about growing food; it's about regenerating the planet and improving your health by eating what you grow. Discover the joys of a raw plant-based diet and reduce your ecological footprint while enhancing your family's wellness. Join us in the exciting world of food forests, reduce your food costs, and fortify your nutritional resilience in challenging times.

Embark on your journey to a sustainable future – order "The Food Forest Guide" today and witness your garden transform into a thriving ecosystem of abundance!

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Secrets of a Long and Healthy Life

Start off on your personal path toward enjoying better health and living a longer life today with "Secrets of a Long and Healthy Life" by Alice Dee. Drawing on her scientific background and extensive studies in nutritional healing, Alice carefully guides readers through the secrets of unlocking greater longevity and vitality. With decades of experience, Alice shares her profound personal insights and science-based research and offers practical solutions for improving your general well-being rooted in nutritional and other lifestyle choices.

Whether you're a novice seeking a healthier lifestyle or a longevity enthusiast aiming to deepen your understanding of this fascinating topic, Alice Dee's expertise and approachable guidance make this book an invaluable companion on your journey to find the fabled fountain of youth. Head toward vibrant well-being now, guided by Alice's practical insights and enriched by her passion for healthy living.

Alice brings a wealth of knowledge to this comprehensive guide, where she seamlessly blends science, nutrition, and holistic wellness, so buy a copy today to dive into its wisdom at your own pace. This book offers a true gateway to a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling life as you explore the secrets of longevity and unveil the potential for optimal health within you.

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The Human Dietary Conspiracy: How Government Subsidizes Your Early Death

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Dive into a world of hidden truths and unlock the keys to optimal health!

In "The Human Dietary Conspiracy," you'll embark with well-known nutritional author Alice Dee on a revelatory journey, uncovering the unseen forces shaping your well-being. This book delves into the shocking reality behind the "Human Dietary Conspiracy," exposing the manipulative practices that threaten our health and shorten our lives based on a hidden government agenda.


Unmask the dark secrets lurking beneath a veil of nutritional misinformation. Explore the sinister link between subsidized animal products and processed foods, rampant sugar addiction, and a multitude of chronic diseases. Demystify the myths surrounding bread and wheat, revealing their true impact on your body and guiding you through the complex food landscape.


Cut through the hype surrounding saturated fats and empower yourself to make informed dietary choices based on solid scientific evidence. Rediscover the wisdom of our ancestors as you explore the transformative power of a raw food diet, unlocking a new dimension of vibrant health and vitality.


Navigate the intricate maze of the processed food industry, learning to decipher the cryptic language of food labels and create a haven of health within your own kitchen. Dismantle the "Meat Myth," exposing the environmental and ethical costs of animal agriculture and discovering healthier, more sustainable alternatives.


"The Human Dietary Conspiracy" empowers you with the knowledge and tools necessary to reclaim control of your health. Discover the secrets to a thriving, long-lasting retirement free from the burden of chronic illness. Cultivate a supportive community as you rise up against the dietary deception your government has burdened your health with, and forge a brighter future for yourself and generations to come.


This book is more than just a guide to changing your diet; it's a call to action, a clarion call to break free from the shackles of misinformation and embrace a new paradigm of health and well-being.


Embark on this transformative dietary path now, one delicious, healthy bite at a time. Prepare to be empowered and inspired as you reclaim your health for a better life filled with vitality, longevity, and sustainable practices. Start your transformation today and overcome chronic disease for life!

What You Can Do For Your Planet: Lifestyle Changes, Projects and Actions to Improve Your Ecological Impact 

Unlock the secrets to a sustainable and eco-conscious lifestyle with 'What You Can Do For Your Planet' by influential author Alice Dee. This empowering guide takes readers through a series of realistic, actionable steps that offer a comprehensive roadmap to making a positive impact on our planet's ecology.

From easy lifestyle changes to more involved efforts, Dee presents a curated collection of practical advice for individuals keen on embracing a greener and more environmentally conscious way of life. Divided into three distinct parts, the book navigates through 'Easy Actions,' 'Further Efforts,' and 'Greater Challenges,' ensuring a gradual and accessible approach to sustainable living. A variety of topics are included, ranging from simple yet impactful lifestyle adjustments to cultivating a food forest at home, supporting sustainable brands, and advocating for policy changes.

This book goes well beyond the conventional 'green living' advice, delving into the nuances of individual choices and their broader environmental consequences. With detailed insights, real-life examples, and quotes from authoritative sources, Alice Dee empowers readers to make informed decisions about their lifestyle that contribute to creating a healthier planet.


Whether you're a seasoned environmental advocate or a newcomer to sustainable living, 'What You Can Do For Your Planet' offers an inspiring guide to make a meaningful difference to our shared ecology. Join Alice on this path toward a more sustainable future and discover the transformative impact of individual actions on the global ecosystem.

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The Fruit of Love:
A Poetry Book

Written by a true fruit lover, "The Fruit of Love" aims to take you on a tantalizing trip into orchards of desire and the sultry landscapes of the heart as you explore the earthly cornucopia of fruits through the poetry in this book. Each section combines fruitful sensual imagery with a lyrical poem, as love and fruit entwine in a delicate dance, bearing the sweetest, juiciest verses of affection. To those who love fruit and each other, Alice Dee’s poetic words will become ripe and luscious, as you delve into this poetic collection that comes across as sensuous as it is delicious. So, buy this poetic book and share it with a loved one as you relish each of the words together, and let the fruity flavors of passion and poetry dance on your tongues!

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