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Authored by Alice Dee, a well-known raw vegan chef, lecturer and pioneering living foods restaurateur, Raw from the Garden's Raw Vegan Recipes Book initially offers some background information on the raw vegan diet and detailed instructions on how to get started as a raw vegan and begin transforming your kitchen and life.


The main body of the book then contains a plethora of delightful recipes that people will find enlightening to discover the beautiful and nourishing raw vegan dishes you can create and savor in just minutes. 


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Buy Our Informative "Why Raw Vegan?" Book!

Chef Alice Dee's second book on raw veganism concisely covers the abundant benefits of enjoying a balanced and highly nutritious raw vegan diet. People from around the world and all walks of life have seen for themselves how returning to a natural diet of whole raw plant foods can transform their bodies and minds in a remarkably healthy manner. This informative book is aimed at anyone considering a raw vegan diet and offers useful background details on why this natural and healthy whole foods diet makes such sense for humans.

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Buy Our Mexican Vegan Cuisine Recipe Book!

Chef Alice Dee's second recipe book is based on her experience living in Mexico where she owned a vegan café. In it, she focuses on turning the Mexican cuisine vegan with a delightful and easy to follow array of delicious recipes ranging from vegan pozole to corn tortillas! Even classic desserts like Tres Leches and Mexican flan are covered! The book has a short section explaining why going vegan makes such sense, followed by how to set up and stock your kitchen with foods common in Mexican cuisine and suitable for vegans. 

The main body of the book then contains a comprehensive sets of delightful fully-vegan recipes that any Mexican will recognize as analogous to elements of their traditional cuisine.  

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Buy Our "Why Vegan? Reasons for Boycotting Animal Use" Book!

This informative book is the product of Chef Alice Dee's many years of personal experience living as an ethical vegan and animal rights activist. It provides a straightforward introduction to the key reasons for the vegan boycott of animal use and why it is so pressing  to go vegan today. The book also covers related topics like the associated vegan diet, lifestyle matters and animal rights activism for those who want to take their love and respect for animals to the next level. New or aspiring vegans should find this book invaluable in helping them articulate their reasons for going vegan to others. It also provides the information that vegans need to start off on the right foot with the kinder, healthier and more sustainable lifestyle and diet that veganism promotes.

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ATTENTION:  Raw Vegan Lifestyle Enthusiasts Hungry for Dietary Salvation...


With Dozens of Delicious Raw Vegan Recipes To
Satisfy Every Taste!

Now You Can Indulge Yourself and Your Family with Decadently Delicious Raw Vegan Meals — Including Desserts — Without Resorting to Eating the ‘Same Old Same Old’ Every Single Day



Dear Raw Vegan Enthusiast,


In my travels, lectures and workshops, I talk to a lot of aspiring and practicing Raw Vegan people.


I mean A LOT.


New... experienced... veteran, it runs the gamut.


Regardless of their differences and their experience level, there is ONE COMMON THREAD among their stories...

“Raw Vegan works best for me.”

It works better than anything they've ever tried.


In my case, I can remember how I first felt. I was so relieved I’d finally found a diet solution that WORKED. Even better, changes were noticeable after only one day!

I was hooked!

It was a way of eating where I didn’t feel deprived or constricted. Not that I could eat just anything, but I always felt satisfied and full.

After years of trying all sorts of diets (and failing miserably), and having accumulated some extra pounds and cellulite I really wanted to lose, the Raw Vegan diet was one I could finally stick to.

Food was no longer my nemesis, and it was no longer something for which I felt contempt.

Meal by meal, I was getting healthier and healthier, a little more each day I woke up happier and with more energy...













Meal after meal I was watching my health improve!

It was amazing to witness.

Slowly but surely, I reclaimed my energy.

I reclaimed my sunny outlook on life.

I reclaimed my once long hair and beautiful skin.

I reclaimed my health. My sleep was sounder.

Disease faded. My “numbers” were looking better and better.

I felt like getting out and exercising again.

I regained my focus and sense of purpose in life.

Day by day, I was reclaiming the body I once had and enjoyed.

I was so amazed about the transformation I had witnessed in my own body, mind and spirit I wanted to share my discovery with the world!  I set up and opened my own pioneering Raw Vegan restaurant in California to introduce and exclusively serve this very healthful and ethical type of food.

Truth was, not only were my restaurant’s clients super enthusiastic and gave it great reviews, but my family just LOVED my fancy Raw Vegan meals and desserts too. My recipes went so far beyond just a bowl of fruit or a salad, even though I enjoyed those things too.


“Mom, I love all the great raw
desserts you make!”


Those words were music to my ears! Think about it though. Have you ever had a savory dinner and then afterwards craved something sweet?


Don’t feel bad, you’re not alone. It’s a totally natural reaction.


It has to do with our blood sugar dipping.


It’s why we love our desserts.




Being a dedicated Raw Vegan, of course I wanted to align my desserts along Raw Vegan guidelines...


Yet fruit, no matter how fresh, no matter how much variety there was, just wasn’t cutting it for either me or my family.

Now personally, I love fruit! But I had to admit it. I missed fancy desserts!

I missed an after dinner carrot cake. I missed my occasional apple or pecan pie.


I thought I could ‘willpower it’ through, but no luck... so I started to look for more dessert recipes online to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Of course, since I am a professional living foods chef, I’d try out a variety of those different Raw Vegan dessert recipes, some of which I had hoped to serve as specials in my restaurant.

Unfortunately, they were hit and miss--at best. Most of these folks were amateurs and don’t know how to prepare truly Raw Vegan food like I do after having owned and operated my own raw vegan restaurant.  Some of them “looked” really good, but I would still usually fall back on the tried and true savory dishes and desserts I had already chosen to serve in my restaurant.

I shouldn’t be too hard on them though. I have been preparing Raw Vegan foods for almost two decades now, and most of those people would probably have been in diapers when I started. It takes time to develop the sort of expertise I put into my Raw Vegan Recipes Book for you to enjoy.





Even more so, I couldn’t believe how difficult those folks made it! What a pain! I’m a Food Channel-caliber chef but I got tired of wasting so much time making one of these things.


And while it was one thing to make it, it was quite another to EAT IT!

I might have high standards, but most of those Internet recipes were awful, and I ended up throwing good food in the garbage far too often.

Plus, some of these recipes would use pseudo-raw ingredients to get by, would dehydrate food at too high a temperature, or would even use non-vegan items like honey, eggs or cheese. Those are total no-nos for Raw Vegans.

Then there’s the cleanup. Talk about a hassle! 

We all know the Raw Vegan Diet pays off though, right?

Vibrant health... mental clarity, alertness and focus... losing excess pounds… happier feelings, glowing skin, and maybe most importantly, boundless energy for the day ahead.

Undeterred, I maintained my commitment to staying Raw Vegan and creating this book. The health benefits I wanted to share with my family and others were just too good to ignore!





I started to go back to my old recipe collection from my restaurant and picked out the very BEST TRIED AND TRUSTED RECIPES. I’d occasionally change an ingredient or so to make them fully Raw Vegan given what I now know about foods that are heat-treated in processing them. I would also sometimes add a new short cut, a simplification or a better ingredient. Overall, I wanted to make these recipes EASY-TO-MAKE and perfected, making them TOTALLY AWESOME!

... With easier, faster ways of preparing them...

... With fabulous food combinations and ways of cooking and presenting the dishes that give them that “gourmet restaurant or Food Channel” look and feel

(but without all the hassle).

Over time, being an active part of the online Raw Vegan community, I’d show pictures of what I was making on Facebook and my website. I even run a large Raw Vegan Recipes group on Facebook for those interested in such things.

People would “like” and share my pictures and recipes too. They’d also ask me for advice and for feedback on their recipes.

They were so appreciative. Because they were struggling with recipes as well.

I mean, if you’re a Raw Vegan enthusiast, you already know that online recipes are a landmine if you don’t know what you’re doing. It is so easy to make mistakes if you don’t know what the best fully raw ingredients are like I do.

It’s the old “easier said than done” thing, right? Sometimes it’s just easier to SKIP making your own food or try to buy it at a Raw Vegan specialty store online and pay an ungodly amount of money, as well as shipping, right?

It sometimes even makes you think twice about firing up the dehydrator to make your own raw foods, now doesn’t it?

Still, if you think about it, NOT having a Raw Vegan-aligned meal would be self-sabotaging. After all...

Which is more important? Satisfying your cravings, or having a body that’s young, healthy, slender and full of energy?

If you’re going to have a meal, let’s make sure it’s fully Raw Vegan, ok?

If you don’t, you know who loses out. You, your energy levels and your health.

The only question is: Are you going to be eating “the same old thing”? Or are you going to turn your next meal into an opportunity to further enhance your health, body, mood and energy?

There may not be a way of avoiding it, but here’s what you CAN do:

  • You can make DELICIOUS Raw Vegan Recipes…

  • You can make them with nutrition that’s just bursting inside...

  • And at the same time, you can make most recipes easily and quickly...

So sit tight, because I’m going to show you how you really can have it all – delicious, easy-to-whip-up Fully Raw Recipes with all the nutritious health benefits of the Raw Vegan Lifestyle.

When it comes to Raw Vegan Recipes, you’re about to experience what amounts to virtual salvation!


I’m here to tell you that preparing delicious Raw Vegan Recipes CAN be fun, fast to make and satisfying.

Here’s the BIG Secret to Enjoying Raw Vegan Recipes …

Newcomers to the Raw Vegan diet often struggle with the various aspects of eating healthier, not because it’s time consuming or requires effort. It’s usually a matter of conditioning.

You get conditioned since childhood to eat something that’s been satisfying to you.

The secret to enjoying Raw Vegan foods is expanding what you condition as satisfying foods.

When we’re growing up, most of us had all these preconceived ideas about what we should be eating based on what we saw in advertising. Remember?

  • Big chocolate chip cookies

  • Baked bread

  • Burgers and fries

  • Cheesecake

  • Decadent chocolate desserts

  • Eggs and bacon

  • Ice cream

But when we eliminate the animal products, cooked foods, sugar and flour to go Raw Vegan, what are we left with?

A big, gaping hole in our meal-time.

A big hole with the exception of fruit, veggies, seeds and nuts. And don’t get me wrong, I love those foods. But given my upbringing, even fruit (like fresh strawberries) gets a bit old when that’s all you have day after day.

Now I LOVE whole foods, but there’s so much more to enjoying nutritious and creative Raw Vegan recipes instead. Especially when you expand your ideas of what a delicious, nourishing and satisfying meal could be.  Like this tasty and protein packed nut loaf! 








So fear not! Help is on the way. Introducing…

Raw From the Garden’s

Raw Vegan



Great Tasting, Nutritious Raw Vegan-based Recipes You’d Swear Came from Your Local Gourmet Restaurant!






I’m honored to be the featured chef at Raw From the Garden and the author of their Raw Vegan Recipes book. My goal with this Recipes book is simple. To provide the taste-bud-popping, nutritious recipes that took me literally years to assemble and that I served to the delighted clients of my pioneering Raw Vegan restaurant.

Recipes that hit the “delicious” spot in your tummy every single time...


To give you a taste of what’s in store, you’re going to enjoy wonderfully surprising dishes such as these.

























And much, much more!  Remember, you’re getting all the delicious recipes from my restaurant that clients came back to pay for over and over again. All tried, tested and restaurant-approved!

Now you may be thinking, what are the ingredients for making delicious raw vegan dishes like my raw...

  • Falafels...

  • Nut Loaves...

  • Pecan Pie...

  • Hummus...

  • Pesto...

  • Nori rolls…

  • Apple pie...


You’re probably wondering “How’s she doing that? Those sound like really tasty restaurant foods…”


Well, it requires just a little creative substitution.


For instance, I use nuts and dates for my pie crusts. You will love the difference.


(Try mine just one time, and you’ll wonder why people are still using denatured, nutrition-stripped cooked foods when preparing dishes!)


Remember, all these recipes are 100% Raw Vegan. You really DON’T have to be a gourmet chef like me to make the most wonderfully delicious raw food…


Nowhere near.

I’ve developed every recipe, for anyone. Even if boiling water is a challenge for you, you can make the most taste bud-tingling Raw Vegan meals in MINUTES!  I trained numerous people who worked in my restaurant to prepare these same dishes, so I know that YOU CAN MAKE THEM TOO!

If you’re in a rush? It’s no problem. Let’s face it, dinner can be a whirlwind of activity.

Yet with my Raw Vegan Recipes, you’ll see ALL of the dishes can be put together in just minutes, other than the time you might spend dehydrating items of course.

No stress, no fuss, no hassle... just delectable and healthy raw food that’s usually ready in minutes.

Remember, you’re eating NATURAL raw foods, untouched by cooking, dangerous food processing, animal products, and inhumane manufacturing practices…

You’re also flushing out toxins and chemicals that inhibit your growth and well-being.

Bottom line? Your body is free to rebuild and rejuvenate itself. And that means you look better and feel better, as you are actually reversing the visible signs of aging. Your conscience will be clearer too, since no living creature was intentionally harmed or killed for your meals!


Yes, along with your other meals and lifestyle elements, The Raw Vegan Recipes Book can help you do exactly that.

No need to “cheat” when it comes to you next meal...


Just think... By sticking with your Raw Vegan lifestyle and not cheating, you can look forward to a clean burst of energy AND the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are consuming a truly ethical and healthy diet. Your body is being protected from illness and disease, while you feel happier and more self-confident as you lose excess weight naturally.

So let me make you a very special offer...

If you’re a Raw Vegan enthusiast, you can’t afford NOT to have my recipe collection. It’s a “must” if you want oodles of variety, step-by-step recipes for delicious gourmet Raw Vegan dishes, and the background information and motivation to continue with the Raw Vegan diet.

Plus, there’s nothing better than topping off dinner with a satisfying yet totally healthy Raw Vegan dessert that allows you to stick to your Raw Vegan lifestyle.


So I’m going make this EASY for you…

The price for my personal collection of uniquely tasty recipes from my pioneering Raw Vegan restaurant would be more than reasonable at $100. However, because you’re a Raw From the Garden reader, I’m able to offer you an incredible deal...

Go ahead and

Get your own Raw Vegan Recipes

paperback book for yourself.

Right now!


For only $34.99 for the full color collector’s version or just $16.99 for the black and white economy version, plus shipping. You can also get the Kindle version for $9.99. Yes, that’s right, but you must be one of the first 500 people to order it...




Get Your Paperback Copy of Raw Vegan Recipes Today!








Remember… Nothing else will be billed on this offer, ever. This is a ONE-TIME payment and shipping charge, and NOT a "trial" or a "subscription". This beautiful Raw Vegan Recipes book is truly a great value and is my way of getting exposure for my new book without a massive advertising budget.

Add a Variety of Delicious Raw Vegan Dishes To Your Day And Watch Your Energy Skyrocket and Waistline Shrink!


I’ve included tons of delicious Raw Vegan Recipes that used to be my personal trade secrets. Now it’s your turn to join me in making the full health-giving, beauty-building Raw Vegan commitment to your body, and have it respond in ways you’ve only dreamed of!

Make the commitment to the Raw Vegan Diet, and you’ll be amazed at how crystal clear your thinking is. Make the commitment to remain Raw Vegan and watch yourself transform and your beauty increase day by day as you slim down to your ideal weight.


Imagine indulging in...

  • A sweet raw carob pecan pie with macadamia nut crème.

  • A nutritious and satisfying nut loaf with cauliflower mashed potatoes.

  • A raw pizza topped walnut basil pesto sauce and cherry tomatoes.


You see? You owe it to yourself to start the day off by getting the maximum nutritional bang for your buck…

Imagine having your very own BEAUTIFUL paperback
full-color collectors’ Raw Vegan Recipes book or the
ECONOMY black and white version!







Get Your Paperback Copy of

Raw Vegan Recipes Today!









As always, I’m here to help you.

With Raw From the Garden’s Raw Vegan Recipes Book, you’re getting tons of my personal favorite recipes from my restaurant. Recipes that taste great, I guarantee.

Your Raw Vegan friend,

Chef Alice Dee


P.S. As you gradually experiment with my Raw Vegan Recipes, I can't wait to hear from you.

After you place your order and prepared your first few days of delicious appetizers, main courses and desserts, please feel free to email me at


I can't wait to hear from you as those preconceived notions about Raw Vegan foods start to fade. As your mind starts opening up to new possibilities... your taste buds start looking forward to delicious living food... and your cravings disappear...


Best of all, you’re going to lose excess weight and look and feel amazing!


P.P.S. If you’ve never had the smell of my version of walnut pesto hit your nostrils, you don’t know what you’re missing. ;)



P.P.P.S. You want more?

Ok how about my famed Raw Apple Cinnamon Pie?


My oh-so-satisfying Raw Vegan Nut Loaf and Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes?

And once you’ve sunk your teeth into my delicious tangy Falafels, you’ll think you’re in Raw Food Heaven!


Look. You no longer have to go without when everybody else is tucking into their meals or desserts.


You deserve these decadently delicious raw desserts and other healthy Raw Vegan dishes, now don’t you? Of course you do…


Have your carrot cake AND a healthful Raw Vegan lifestyle too! Just click on the button below and your book is in the mail!




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Raw Vegan Recipes Today!


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